What is SuperFetch? Some Methods to Disable Super Fetch Services

What do you understand by SuperFetch?

There a wide number of processes that are running in the Windows Operating System. Among est them, service host SuperFetch is one of the unique services.

This is a highly-based host programmer in windows that will further help you to enhance the performance of your hard drives. This is a programme that helps your hard drive to run smoothly if working properly. But if technical issues are found in SuperFetch, it can slow down the processing of your windows.

If you are looking to article on SuperFetch then you are in the right place. We will help you to know each and everything about SuperFetch. You can have a look at them:

What is the purpose of SuperFetch in the devices that are having Windows Operating System?

This is a device that is available in the Vista and all the other later versions of Windows Operating system. The developers have introduced this device in all the windows OS. SuperFetch is a successor to one of the devices known as PreFetch in the Windows XP. Therefore, SuperFetch service is installed by developers in Windows OS as because it helps in managing the random memory of your devices.

Basically, the function of this device is to tell the users that the programmers are working properly and efficiently on their device. SuperFetch service also helps the people in executing the third party software.

Is there any disk usage problem while using SuperFetch software?

SuperFetch services basically increase the speed of Windows system by performing some functions. This is a service that reduces the booting time. It also helps to quickly load the apps that people need in their daily life. According to researchers, there are much more problems that are caused by SuperFetch.

Does SuperFetch service cause any damage to windows?

Yes, sometimes the SuperFetch service can damage your windows as because the features/functions are less. Hence, there are so many damages that are caused by this service.

How can you disable the SuperFetch services?

If you want to disable this SuperFetch service, then you can use the following mentioned steps. The steps to disable this service are mentioned below. Have a quick look at them:



You can easily disable the SuperFetch by using Windows services. You have to use a run dialogue box so that you can easily disable the services.


After that, you have to press the window key and R simultaneously. Then write “services.msc” in the box.


After that, you have to click on OK and the service list will appear on your screen. From the option choose SuperFetch and right click on it. Then click on “Start-up type” and hit the disable button in this bar.



First of all, access to the run dialogue box. After that write regedit and press enter.


The second step is to open the folder named ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’ under Windows Registry. Then go to system and open the folder “current control set”.


Then the next step is to click on the control option of the session manager. After this memory management folder will open. You have to choose PreFetch parameters.


After that set the value for DWORD as 0 or 1. This will help you in disabling the services. Click on OK and reboot your PC.

These are the two methods that will help you in disabling SuperFetch on your devices.

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