What is Social Media Etiquette

Every platform you socialize through requires a certain level of maturity in behavior. And same is the case with a social media platform. Everyone is on social media yet nobody wants to feel accountable or responsible for their behavior. We are all social animals, and we must use basic manners while we socialize online or offline and Monitor your Kids Activity with Top Rated Parental control for Android Mobiles.

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Social media, being a part of the virtual environment, gets neglected by many. Well, the root cause of this ignorance is the education of social media etiquette.

Social media etiquettes are standard practices which all individuals on social media platform undertake to make each other feel welcoming and comfortable by respecting each other’s opinion and privacy and not bullying innocent users.

Effects of Social Media on Kids

Kids spend a significant amount of their time on social media. Most youngsters have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Children are excessively active on social media yet forget the basic principles of social presence.

We will discuss the psychological effects of social media on kids:

  1. Many kids suffer lack of sleep and other sleeping disorders.
  2. Social awkwardness and anxiety are widespread in kids. Every other kid you meet may be a victim of social anxiety.
  3. Kids are either involved in bullying other innocent kids or get victimized by other bullies.
  4. Too many kids have made the blunder of opening their private details on social media, leading to uninvited harassment and stalking by strangers.
  5. Children are often victimized by online predators and traffickers on social media.

Social media posts and articles are very persuasive, encouraging innocent kids to behave and work in a certain way.

Social media etiquette rules for kids

Have your kids learned to distinguish between the real and virtual world? Are your kids educated about social media harassment and cyberbullying.

We strongly encourage parents to ask these questions to themselves and understand if their kids understand social media etiquette. Don’t worry if you haven’t educated them yet. Here are some basic rules your kids should follow on social media and make Google safe for kids:

Everything is permanent on the internet

It stays online forever.

Be cautious about what you post or upload online. Someone is always looking at your details.

Don’t talk to strangers

At an age group of 5- 16 years.

Speak to your children about identity theft and impersonating bullies on social media platforms.

Be digitally correct

It is an unavoidable fact that all information online stays permanently online. All we can do is add accurate and ethical information which is not misleading. Create a decent digital footprint!

Avoid writing incorrect language online. Your social media activity is purely the reflection of your personality.

Learn to construct an email address

Kids often create funny email addresses to sound Cool. Remember the email ID’s are used for professional or educational reasons.

Use of password and username

Creation of username and password is the first step to enter social networking sites. Encourage kids to create strong credentials and change passwords regularly. And most importantly, do not share your passwords with anyone!

Treat others like you want to be treated

Gain respect by giving respect to others!

Kids should learn the golden rule to treat their peers and social media friends to gain the same amount of respect and treatment online.

What can you share online?

Parents need to categorize information under private and public information. Teach kids the importance of “not sharing” confidential information online.

Don’t spam others notification

How would you feel getting 10-20 notifications continuously on your phone? Will you enjoy spamming? No, right?

Same way kids need to learn not to spam others inboxes, chat rooms or notifications.

Social media is not the platform for revenge

Often kids take out personal revenge on social media sites.

Your kids need to be very careful and considerate about taking any revenge online.

Avoid posting or sharing bad or negative news

We all have well-wishers and loved ones in our lives who care about our life events.

How can your smartphone protect your kids from social media?

Well, smartphones are the biggest culprit of social media madness. There are apps like Bit guardian parental control app that help in taking steps to reduce the ill-effects of social media.

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