Top And Crucial 2018 Free Social Bookmarking Websites

In the era of digitalization businesses are operating online on social media platforms and all the marketing and advertisement practices are performed online on various social media platforms there are many businesses who are unaware of marketing strategies of these platforms due to which they stay back in the competition. In order to help such businesses there are many social media marketing agency operating in Pakistan.

What Social Bookmarking?

There is a need for these agencies because search engine optimization is complex and not everyone can get hold of it easily. Social bookmarking sites are those tools that have a huge impact on digital marketing because lighten up all the important elements of SEO. This is a way for people to search and gather interests while making use of bookmarks and social media works the best for social bookmarking.

These sites also help consumers to build up back links which increases traffic towards a particular websites. Here is a list of one of the best social media sites that are doing wonders for many of the businesses.

The Top Most Social Sites Lists:


This is one of the greatest social media platforms. However it may not be the first site that would come into mind when one talks about social media. But it’s one of the best sites for submitting content due to its large audience. Many people use this platform to post links, content and images also while some just use it for entertainment.


This platform has an average audience of 175 million monthly and 80% of them are females. In this large span of time approximately 50 billion pins have been appeared on this social site.


There are many people who like playing with graphic and visual designing. This is a go to bookmarking site for creative type, especially designers. All the creative people are using this site and making the best use of it.

Stumble Upon

This is one of the most popular bookmarking sites, this is because it’ so easy and feasible to use for everyone. Therefore there are many people who prefer using this application. It is also one the top rated sites of 2018.


This is also a great bookmarking site especially when someone is looking to build up maximum viewers for the content that has been shared.


This is for someone who has gotten great content. It is considered to be one of the most addictive social media bookmarking sites as people stick to it for many longer hours. It is perfect for sharing highly creative content as audience sticks to it.


This is an application when people have gotten content about startup businesses. This is the bookmarking app that helps small business gain recognition and builds reputation for some small businesses.


As the name suggests whenever, you put anything inside your pocket, you can get that thing later also. This is just like how the app works. Whenever you put something inside your pocket. You can access that whenever you want. There’s no need for an internet connection or anything you can access all the stuff from this app even without an internet connection.


This is also one of the very re-known bookmarking app. The things which sets it apart from other bookmarking apps is that it has a unique social search feature that works just like a typical search engine. They don’t produce complex results due to the machine driven system of the application. The top results display the quality of content that many users have bookmarked.

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