Top 7 Careers For People Who Love Technology

Technology is an integral part of our lives. We live in an era where technology touches every single facet of our lives. Be it a washing machine or an air conditioner, be it a mobile phone or a car; technology rules our life. A day without it and we would be handicapped. Little do we wonder when we use these: who makes it and how?

Professionals who brilliantly give us a ready to use product invest hours of effort and precision into delivering one. People who opt for such careers have a strong analytical bent and great quantitative aptitude. While technology provides wide avenues to work in let’s take a look at the top 7 careers in technology:

Chief Technology Officer:

A CTO administers the technology adopted organization-wide. It is the responsibility of the CTO to ensure that the technology adopted is in line with the company’s goals and vision. The CTO is also required to consider the practical viability of the technology used and base his decisions keeping in mind the company’s growth.

Big Data Engineer:

Big Data Engineers gather appropriate data that is provided to the Data Scientists/Analysts for further action. They develop processing systems and collaborate with System Architects to analyse and examine big data solutions. They interpret and provide suggestions for storing important data.

Senior Web Developer:                                                                                  

Senior Web Developers have a big task at hand; developing a website, conducting user analysis, and designing wireframes are just a few responsibilities they shoulder. Collaborating with the clients, understanding the issues faced by them and offering timely solutions is another aspect of their profile.

Data Scientist:

If you have studied Computer Science and possess business acumen this is one career test online option you may consider. This position demands that one has a firm grasp of subjects like Mathematics, statistics, data visualization/modelling, analytics etc.

Mobile App Developer:

The mobile industry is booming beyond imagination these days. It is hence that there is an immense demand for Mobile Application Developers. These developers are in a position to command a high pay package and it is their KRA to ensure optimum utilization of Mobile phones for the growth of the organizations they work with.

Software Developer:

Technologies originate in a Software Developers mind! A number of industries recruit Software Developers; be it manufacturing or finance or computer systems. In addition to checking bugs in the software. Keeping a check on the existing codes for various programs or attempting to improve them.

Network Architect:

A qualification in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science fits this profile well. However one must garner enough experience as an Engineer before shifting to a Network Architects role. Designing a computer or a telecom network forms the basic responsibility of a Network Architect. Professionals in this role are also accountable for developing blueprints of networks that are complex in nature. These blueprints are then forwarded to the Network Engineers for further action.

Here we have discussed a few top careers in technology however remember the field is extremely vast and employs numerous professionals. With this brief idea in mind, it is crucial to also know the top Companies in the sector; these are Intel, IBM, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Apple, Samsung, Cisco Systems, Qualcomm to name a few.

A lot of technology-related courses are available in top universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, Oxford University, Nanyang Technological University, UC Berkeley etc. Pass outs from these universities bag a big fat salary package undoubtedly. So why waste time, a bright future is awaiting you. Smart career moves prove to be stepping stones towards attaining higher and higher ranks in an organizations hierarchy.

And while technology touches every single sector and industry, how could Education lag behind in the race? Did you know a Delhi based Education Technology Start-up Leverage Edu uses Artificial Intelligence tool to help its students with their aspirations for higher education abroad? They come a step closer to their dream jobs at some fo the very well-known corporate houses.

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