Top 5 Ways in which Warehouse Management System can Increase the Efficiency

However, there is a hidden aspect to shopping that is taken for granted – Warehouse. Behind all the glitters and charms of shopping and transaction, there lies the mammoth task of warehouse management.

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A properly planned warehouse helps boost the brand of the online shopping channels. If the warehouse remains unorganized, the brands have to pay the price of losing on the customer satisfaction. So, it is very essential for the warehouse managers to take the organization of their warehouses carefully.

An inventory management system can help warehouse managers deliver quality and quick service. Here are 5 ways in which the warehouse management system can increase the efficiency of their warehouse and keep the demands coming to them round-the-clock:

  • Locate Items Easily

Believe it or not, the most time-consuming process in the warehouse is to find the right items. The labors find it difficult to locate the items that are demanded by the customers and this takes a lot of time.

This is because of the unorganized items in the warehouse and lack of proper planning. Warehouse locations till date remain underrated principles of an organization. They are not taken seriously as other parts of the business.

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The most effective business lesson is to save time as goes the belief – Time is money. With the help of Warehouse Management Systems, your manpower will be able to quicken the picking of items and shipping processes.

This will reduce the overall time and hence, the labor cost since the labors will be able to locate the items easily from the shelves with the help of Warehouse Management System and get it going as soon as possible.

  • Track Items Better

One of the most common mistakes that shipping companies make is reckless with their stocks. When the customer demands a particular item, the request is received by the shipping company and the labors of the warehouse are informed to pick the item and deliver it to the customer.

When the request is accepted and that particular item is out of the stock. It takes more shipping time. This frustrates the customer and ultimately, the warehouse is held responsible for the cancellation of the order.

The digital system ensures that your Inventory has got all the required items. In addition to this, you can also know the quantities of each item with the help of the Inventory Management System.

When a deficit of a particular item is going to be created. The Warehouse app will notify about the same and you can place your order and stock up your shelves.

  • Ensure Better Quality of the items

Imagine, it is a festive season. Your labors are all pacing up to meet the demand of the customers. Your warehouse is witnessing quite a hustle in the picking up of the items and sending it out for shipping. All this happens on the warehouse floor and quality takes a backseat.

You can eliminate this altogether with the help of an efficient Warehouse Management System.

Quality control helps to check the items and the processing of the shipping. It also identifies and addresses the root cause of the problem. Thus, you can maintain a good quality of the items that are shipped from your warehouse.

  • Principle of First-In-First-Out

How do you know which product to send out first? Only with the help of manual checking?

But isn’t that time-consuming?

That’s right! When you are managing the entire Warehouse, it becomes important for you to understand the principle of First-In-First-Out. This will help you get the expired items out of your Warehouse first by focusing on the quality. This will also enable you to prevent the wastage of the dead inventory from your shelves.

Inventory Management System can help you achieve this goal by keeping an eye on the life of the shelf. This way you can rotate your shelf and keep the items nearing their expiry date at the place that is handy for your labors and the fresh stock a bit away from this shelf. So, whenever there is a demand for this item, the labors will pick up this item first and send it out.

  • Play with Data

The fundamental principle of any digital business is to extract data and leverage it for the advancement of the business. However, with the manual process and methodologies of today which involves storing data on paper and files, it becomes difficult for the warehouse managers to track the performance of their stocks.

The tracking of data is one of the essential features of a Logistics company. If you have proper data in place about the inventory, you can place your order on time and get your stocks up-to-date for any number of demands.

In addition to this, you can also generate multiple reports on how the stocks are performing, which items are in demand and what items are nearing to their expiry date.

Once the Warehouse managers have clarity on these data points, they can efficiently work on increasing the capability of their warehouse. This app consists of a Warehouse Management Software that becomes your digital assistant in handling the complexity of your warehouse functionalities.

Key Takeaway

The management of a warehouse is not an easy task. With the rise of online shopping channels, the customers are becoming more and more tech-savvy day by day and they are seriously considering online shopping as compared to offline shopping.

Add to this, there is a fierce competition amongst the online channels to achieve greater customer satisfaction by delivering quality products to the customers in the least possible time.

And in between lies the Warehouse. If things are smooth in a warehouse, the online channels find it easy to achieve their retention goals. This is where a Warehouse Management System finds its application in the Warehouse to increase the efficiency of the system.


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