Top 10 WordPress Migration Plugins to Safely Move Your Site 2019

Nowadays WordPress migration is bit difficult. If you have more data, the manual process of transferring the data is very complicated as it takes a lot of time to duplicate the data, copy the content, files and images into the correct directory trees, restore the database, move and redeploy the plug-ins and widgets on the WordPress CMS.

Some WordPress Plugins can simplify the website migration process by providing easy setup, automatic backup of data during the migration process and help you save valuable time. Also, the automation of website migration process eliminates the risk of data loss, site inaccessibility or cyber-attacks. This straightforward manner by which the functionality of a site can be stretched out encourages many individuals to migrate websites to WordPress. So, have a look at some excellent WordPress migration plugins listed here below.


 It is a backup plugin, which allows you to take the backup your website and take it to another server. With its help, you can easily copy or move a site based on the same process of copying and restoring. It is a worthwhile option for site owners who are looking for a cheaper solution for hosting backups and transferring a site.

BlogVault Backups

It is a nice plugin which facilitates hassle-free website migration. It allows you to back-up important files of your website in real time and transfers a WordPress site to another hosting or new domain in a few clicks. You can choose any version from the list of available backups and migrate your website from BlogVault servers. The plugin supports multisite networks, which makes it more useful plugins from others.


Its Subscriptions start at $ 80 per year for managing two sites. It creates full backups of not only WordPress databases but also media libraries, theme files, and plugins. Creates website backup according to automated graphics and stores files in various storages including BackupBuddy Stash, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, FTP, and email. Offers different functionalities for easy website transfer to another hosting.

The Deployment feature enables you to set up a secondary site that can be easily connected to an existing one and transfer changes between them. The BackupBuddy toolbar permits you to transfer a site to another server or domain by entering new database access settings. It is a good tool for all those developers who create resources on temporary domains or locally and want to transfer the site to a real domain.


 The free version of the plugin available on the WordPress plugin repository provides backup and synchronization functions and premium subscription is required for website migration. This plugin is designed to create backups in an easy way and scan security level. It synchronizes each entry, comment, media file, version and settings of the administration panel on its servers, which allows you to transfer your protected VaultPress site to a new server. It also enables you to view backup history and download database archives, downloads, themes and plugins. You can also restore backups via FTP or SSH connection.

All-in-One WP Migration

 All-in-One WP Migration is a simple migration plugin with export and import facility. The export window contains options for finding and replacing text. So, you can save the export file on your computer. Also, the import window allows you to upload an export file that will be restored in an existing WordPress assembly.

Data fragmentation protects the plugin from the timeout and bypasses the restrictions on the size of downloaded files, which often limits users to the ability to change the default settings. You can purchase premium add-ons to access the advanced functionality. You will be able to download files up to 5 GB. The premium version also offers additional storage options (Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, OneDrive, FTP), scheduled backups, import from URLs and multisite features.

WP Migrate DB

It is a very Powerful plugin with 300,000+ installations and an average user rating of 4.8. WP Migrate DB takes a different approach to the WordPress website migration. Instead of exporting files and creating an archive, it automatically exports the site database. You can save this file on your computer as an SQL file and import this file into an existing WordPress database to complete the website migration process.

It automatically replaces the site URL within the database with the new URL and eliminates unnecessary data, such as unwanted comments and temporarily cached data. The premium version of this plugin allows you to you to include the database in the installation using a plugin and stop/resume migration during execution.


 UpDraftPlus is a powerful plugin that supports cloud storage, automatic backup and separation of large sites into several archives in an easy way. To create a backup, choose which files and directories should be included in the copy file. Then, you can restore data from a backup to an existing site, replacing themes, plugins, downloads, and other directories with a single click.

The premium version of the plugin comes with additional storage, database encryption, improved technical support, and multiple site licenses. It allows you to clone a site and duplicate it in a new place in a few clicks.

It is a nice plugin for novice WordPress Developers because it offers a clear interface, one-click cloning, and a migration tool. Experienced individuals appreciate the mass of storage options and database encryption. This plugin is a real pal for you if you need to work with a multisite network.


 Duplicator is a powerful plugin. Which helps you to duplicate, create a backup, move and carry out the procedure for transferring the site to another hosting. The three-step setup wizard will help you to install the package consisting of a separate zip file (archive) and installer, scan for possible problems with server settings, archive files, and database tables, and then build the package.

You can configure a package to exclude specific directories, file types, and database tables as per your needs. Detailed reports are available at each stage of the migration, which makes the website migration process hassle-free. Installing a new site from a previously created package is performed by opening the installation file through a browser.

The premium version of the plugin – Duplicator Pro opens up additional features such as scheduled backups. Support for copying to Dropbox. Google Drive and FTP, licenses for several sites and package templates. Don’t use this plugin in multisite networks.

Migrate Guru

 Migrate Guru is an ideal WordPress plugin which makes website migration task a painless & hassle-free process. The plugin provides support to 5000+ web hosts all over the world. Plugin copies your website to servers and completes the migration process easily and comfortably. It is a perfect plugin for the migration of heavy websites. It doesn’t support localhost migrations and migration of multi-site network sub-sites to a different domain.

Pantheon Migrations

Pantheon is an active website management platform for all WordPress users. With its use, website migration becomes an easy task. It takes away all the headache of manual website migration. Just activate the plugin see, copy and paste your SFTP credentials and click the “migration” button. Everything happens in quick succession, allowing you to take your website. To the new server and start daily business activities as usual.

Final Words

WordPress Website Migration is a serious undertaking. It involves a lot of technical aspects. Even experienced professionals make mistakes in this regard. You can choose WordPress plugins to migrate. Your website in an easy way and start your daily business activities as usual.

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