Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps in 2019

How to find a professional photo editor app for your smartphone that will offer more than Instagram-like filters? Such a great range of applications makes it really difficult to define the best photo editing app which corresponds to all your requirements. In this article, you will test top 10 best photo editing apps used by famous Insta bloggers and photographers when they edit their images on smartphones or tablets. 

1. Snapseed – the best choice for photographers 


  • 29 instruments and filters
  • Supports JPG, RAW, and DNG files
  • Allows preserving your styles
  • Adjustment brush

Snapseed is one of the most popular photo editing apps for smartphones. It is very simple to use but, at the same time, offers a large collection of tools and adjustable filters. Unlike other apps, this one has different key image color correction technologies including exposure, color, sharpness adjustment, cropping, and straightening. It also offers expanded portrait editing functions such as selective options and “Healing” tool to remove unnecessary objects and skin defects.

In addition, there is a great variety of creative filters which can be used to turn your shots into black & white photos, apply textures, add blurs and color effects (grain, stickers, etc.) to your images.

2. VSCO – Best photo editor app with filters


  • Adjustable filter intensity
  • Many presets
  • Tools for exposure and color enhancement

There is a big collection of filters and convenient tools for photo editing which make this image editing app a frequently downloaded program. Unlike other applications for photo editing, which offer too bright filters, VSCO presets have been designed to emulate classic and modern analog movies and films. Many filters come with soft and a bit faded look which has rapidly become very popular among Instagram users.

VSCO is a free program in the App Store and can be downloaded with the basic collection of presets to start. If you want, you can also download additional VSCO presets, for example, at FixThePhoto website. The photo editing company offers many great plug-ins for free.

 3. Enlight – Best photo editing app for iPhone


  • Built-in mask option
  • Clone tool to remove various defects
  • Painting, text, borders and frames tools
  • Smart photo correction

Enlight has a vast collection of basic and advanced image editing tools as well as a set of artistic effects for users to make truly creative images.

The “Mask” Tool allows you to apply effects to the selected parts of your image and leave the rest of the photo unchanged. Such a great number of functions usually requires much time to study them all. But each tool of this photo editing app is very intuitive. Besides, Enlight has one of the best built-in “Help” modes for absolute amateurs.

4. Aviary


  • You can adjust sharpness, contrast, saturation and brightness
  • Clip-art, drawing
  • Basic text instruments
  • Up to 12 filters
  • Supports import from built-in camera or photo library

Aviary photo editing app is one of the most popular image editors for mobile devices in 2019. It deserves special attention as its structure is used by many other programs for image enhancement. Aviary attracts users by its simple interface and vast capabilities.

The fact that this photo editor app doesn’t have its gallery can be considered as an advantage – as retouchers can use the application, which they have already got used to for this purpose. Most of the program functions are available in a free version. Still, to get access to the original filters, stickers, and frames, you have to purchase them in Aviary App Store.

5. PicsArt Photo & Collage Maker – Best photo editing app for collages


  • Powerful photo editor
  • Amazing stickers and clip arts
  • You can create collages and grids

PicsArt Photo Studio – is a graphic app for painting and image editing with a professional camera. There are plenty of options to satisfy your requirements, for example: time-lapse, flash, effects, stickers, backgrounds, collage, painting (in the photo, background or blank canvas), thematic contests, photo search, Facebook integration (search for friends, posts), list of artists, communication with the other artists (account, followers, notifications, subscriptions, «membox», likes) and feeds with interesting photos.

6. Focos – Best photo editing app to work in a portrait mode


  • Big aperture and real bokeh effect
  • Allows you to adjust focus
  • Opportunity to choose different apertures
  • Professional rendering

Focos — is a photo editing app which uses Depth API data to get information about the “depth” of the shots from the second cameras of the latest smartphones. You can use it to edit photos applying effects to separate layers of the shot, change the focus point, general look and intensity of blurring.

Using this program, beginners who don’t have special skills and experience in photography can create professional shots easy and fast. At the same time, professionals will be surprised by the set of deep portrait editing functions which allow imitating any types of lenses including distortions and the most advanced photo editing stages.

7. Photo Editor Pro – A fully-fledged photo editor on your smartphone


  • Exposure, brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Color regulation through separate channels
  • Perspective correction, teeth whitening, red-eye remover
  • Cloning one part of the shot onto another

PhotoEditor can be already called a fully-fledged and high-grade photo editor app. The program allows users to apply effects to the shots, crop and frame them. There is also an option of color editing, noise removal, and perspective correction.

Using this Android photo editor, you can easily create files in PDF format using the images you have and capture pictures from the websites using a built-in browser. There is also an option of batch image editing. This allows you to perform certain operations with many files simultaneously.

8. Cymera – Replacement of a standard “Camera” app with a built-in photo editor


  • Professional filters for color correction
  • One-click background blurring
  • Automatic face recognition

It is the best photo editing app for those, who often take shots using a smartphone camera and want to immediately enhance them. The program has a well-designed gallery support. Except for the usual view of the last shots, the images can be grouped according to the time they were shaped and the other criteria. There is also an option of face recognition, which allows you to find a photo with the best quality among all of the available shots.

This photo editing app provides an excellent combination of usability and simple interface. Here you can find everything you may need for image editing. Besides, many tools have been created specifically for the work with portraits (there is an option of make-up correction and even hairdo enhancing). In addition to the portrait mode, there are also modes for work with landscapes, texts, and still-life images.

9. Adobe Photoshop Express – For those who got used to Adobe functionality


  • Easy to use and has great technical settings
  • Simple navigation
  • Tight integration with other Adobe apps
  • Comes with all editing options you need to boost the photo quality

Speaking about the best photo editing apps, we can’t but mention one more image editor. It is a well-known Adobe Photoshop, more precisely, its mobile version. Despite the widespread popularity of the computer version of this photo editor, its mobile modification is actually far from perfect.

In comparison with other programs mentioned above, Adobe Photoshop Express can’t offer anything special. It has a bundle of the same effects and settings you can find in the best free photo editor. What is more, many of them become available only after the purchase. However, there is a good thing – this software allows editing shots as quickly as possible.

10. Afterlight – Experiment with color rendering


  • Set of 60different filters
  • Manual settings of all tools
  • Option of manual color and effect correction
  • Broad range of formats to save files in

As well as the other image editors, Afterlight comes with a lot of modern filters and frames. The key feature of this program is its color rendering: photographers often compare it with Lightroom. Afterlight can’t replace professional editing softwares but is a great option for minor picture editing works. There are 15 tools for making your work more convenient. You can also adjust contrast, saturation, and temperature of the image. This photo editing app includes 23 film effects which allow users to “light up” a shot, add texture, etc. The frames deserve special attention as there are so many of them that even the simplest image can acquire a pretty interesting look.

If you didn’t find an appropriate app, read more about Top 11 Best Free Photo Editors.

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