Top 10 Best External Hard Disk Brands

An external hard disk makes an important device when it comes to using the high-end computers or even when the computer is being used to carry out the heavy operations and everything cannot be stored in one place. The external hard disks can also be used to create the backup of the folders and the files you have on the computer or carry the files and folders which are not really possible to feed into the pen drive.

The external hard disks come with different storage spaces and the speed of writing and reading on the chip. If you are someone who requires an extremely high-speed and the safest hard disk to carry sensitive data, then you can go for the Solid State Drive hard disks and if you are in need of a hard disk which will be used for everyday purposes such as carrying data, you can go for the regular ones. If you need to import the hard disk or buy it from the local platform, you can use the best buy free shipping code to avail discount on the shipping. These hard disks vary in shape and size along with the speed at which it is written. Some of the hard disks support the USB 2.0 and some hard disks support USB 3.0.

The transfer rate of both the USB ports is different and thus, it will also vary in the price of the hard disk. Here is a list of top 10 hard disk brands.


The Buffalo hard disk drives are known for the affordable price and the quality of the device that it offers. The hard disk drives from Buffalo such as the MiniStation Extreme NFC can be purchased without spending an exorbitant price on it. the capacity of the MiniStation Extreme NFC is 2TB and there are other models offered by Buffalo which can be bought in different storage capacity. The hard disk also provides the NFC security. However, if you are getting the hard disk in your budget, then the transfer rate is compromised.

Western Digital

Western Digital is a worldwide recognized brand that offers the hard disk drives and the solid-state drives starting from 512 GB of storage space to 4TB of storage space for daily use. These hard disks are usually priced at a higher range because of the quality and the transfer rate that it offers. You will also get the USB 3.0 ports in the hard disk which mean that the transfer rate will be even more enhanced. The large capacity of the hard disk and the backup software of the hard disk are provided by the company.


We all know how popular Samsung is when it comes to electronics. Samsung has a wide range of hard disk drives and the solid-state drives which can be used as the external hard disks for the storage of the data and backing up the software. The ultimate selling point of the hard disk is the incredibly fast transfer and security. However, the hard disk is on the expensive side but is highly compact.


This is the brand that you can prefer if you want an ample amount of storage space for your use but at the same time, you are under a tight budget. The hard disk is available on all the platforms and can be repaired at authorized dealers easily too. One of the plus points of the hard disks is that it gives a great performance while transferring the data. However, the hard disk does not support the Type-C port.


The brand is known as one of the best hard disks for the backup of the software. The hard disks sold by the company are marketed as the Backup Plus instead of the normal hard disk drives. The advantage of the hard disk is the high transfer rate of the files and the reliability that it offers due to the security software. However, if you are buying the Mac-formatted version, you have to pay more.


The plus point of the hard disk marketed by LaCie supports the Type-C port which means that it can be used with almost all the cables in use since most of them are the type C cables. Moreover, the Type C cables add speed to the transfer of the files. The hard disks are also known for the modern and compact design. However, the hard disks are a little pricey and you will not get the maximum advantage without the use of Type C port.


If you are looking for a hard disk which is durable and safe, this is the right choice. The hard disk is also known for the security which is enhanced using the encryption system. If you have a rough use of the hard disk and still need to make the most of it, you should prefer buying the iStorage. However, it is an expensive investment since it has the features such as the self-destruction upon tampering.


This is the high-end hard disk drive which can be used to write and send the important. Sensitive information across from person to the other. The company was founded in the year 2004 and since. It has produced hard disks which are safe from fire, water, and even complete submersion in the fresh and saltwater.


LG which is also the second largest producer of the television set is known for manufacturing reliable electronics. The hard disk drives manufactured and sold by LG are known for the pocket-friendly price. Good transfer rates and the quality. The hard disks can be used for the daily storage and back up tasks without much hassle.


Apple is one of the leading electronic goods seller and the manufacturer. When you own an Apple product, most of the devices which are compatible with Windows, do not work with Apple. And then, if you buy a Mac-formatted product for Apple, it will cost you more. So to resolve this issue. Apple has its own range of hard disks. Which are Apple-friendly and can be used without any trouble with the Mac as the base operating system.

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