Stellar Data Recovery Standard SuccessfullyRestored My Deletedfiles

On a busy day when you cannot afford to lose your important files, which are required for a meeting scheduled in sometime can propagate into a panic situation. Accidental deletion of files or closing of an important presentation without saving it, or unable to find old files in your system, are some of the real life struggles most of you must have experienced.

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Whether it’s your project Word documents, office PowerPoint Presentations, or accounts Excel spreadsheets – here are some simple yet importanttips that can help you to recover your important files from the system.

Ways to restore deleted Workbook, Word documents and PowerPoint Files

Use Search button

The foremost approach to look for your deleted/lost documents is the use of Windows Search option in your system.

Visit Start and in Search type the complete file name or even a part of it or simply file extension (e.g., *.docx or *.wbk) to get the required files.

Look into Recycle Bin

If you have not Shift+delete your file, you are lucky to find your file in the Recycle Bin.

Look for Backup Files in your system

If above two ways give no results, look for Backup files in your system for Windows file recovery. This approach will work if you have enabled Windows Backup Utility on your system.

To be careful for future, if you have not used Windows utility feature, here are steps to Backup and Restore your files in the system:

Go to Control Panel – Select System and Maintenance – click on Backup and Restore. All your files whether Word, Excel or PowerPoint will now have Backup.

Recover files from the Temp folder

If you are lucky enough, the lost document can be found in the temp folder. Temp files with extension of .tmp are temporary files on Windows for backup purpose. These files hold data temporarily till the file is created or in process. You can recover an unsaved PowerPoint presentations, Excel sheets and Word documents from the temp folder.

Steps to Windows file recovery from the temp folder

Open Windows Search – Type .tmp in Search box (for only PowerPoint file type ppt*.tmp) – Press Enter- Scroll through the files showing in the list – Select a file matching your requirement – Right click the file, and click Rename

Use Auto recovery tools in MS Applications

Microsoft Office has a built in feature that can recover unsaved documents in Microsoft Office Excel, Work, or PowerPoint 2010. This feature lets you autosave the document you closed without saving. You need to keep the last auto saved version of the file.

Steps to file recovery of an unsaved new document:

Open Office 2010 applications – Click File – Click Recent – Click Recover Unsaved Documents/Workbooks/Presentations –Select the file in the list and open – Click Save As to save your file to your computer

Use an External Windows data recovery software

When all the above ways fail to retrieve your desired files, the last and widely used choice is Stellar Data Recovery Standard software. This Windows file recovery tool caneasily recover your Workbooks, PowerPoint presentations or Word documents. The data recovery software can also recover loss photos. Audio or video files not only from internal hard drive but external storage media too. Its user-friendly interface is compatible with Windows 10, 7, 8.1, 8, and XP.

Download Stellar Windows Data Recovery, Install and Run the software on your system and follow the simple steps below to recover your files. If you can view your lost files, buy the software to save them. The tool is not costly and has utilities worth buying.

Steps to files recovery withStellar Data Recovery Standard Software

1 – Select the type of files you want to recover under ‘Select What to Recover’ option

2 – Choose the desired location from ‘Select Location’ to retrieve the deleted data

3 – Click the scan option. List of files will appear which are shown under ‘File Type,’ ‘Tree View’ and ‘Deleted List’ in the left pane of the window

Step 4 – Select the files or folders you want to recover and click ‘Recover’ button. Save the recovered files at a chosen desired location.

To Conclude…

Stellar Data Recovery Standard software can rescue you from sudden data loss due to technical or human errors. Word documents or PowerPoint presentations,you can rely on this software for files recovery as it’s a proven 100% secure and safe tool.

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