Some Ways to Fix There was a Problem Parsing the Package Android

There are so many people who fear the android system while buying other top mobile operating systems. Androids have become more popular because they are nature-friendly, cheap and easy to buy. But still, there are so many issues.

There was a problem parsing the package apk

What does this problem mean or what does parse error mean? Have a look down to know in details about this problem.

This is a problem that usually occurs during an app installment. Sometimes when you try to install an application on an android phone there comes an error. And this error says parse error there was a problem parsing the package. Therefore, this is an error that occurs due to parse error apk and the app can’t be installed.

Sometimes you can notice that parsing package error appears while downloading an APK file. Therefore, this parse error android comes when you are trying, again and again, to download an app from the play store. But there is no need to worry, we are here to help you out. Here we will discuss solving the problem of this APK error. Let’s have a look to know everything in a detailed form.

First of all, we will discuss why do this Parse error occur?

Here are some points that will tell you why this Parse error occurs. Let’s read about them:

First and the most common reason is that the file isn’t downloaded fully. In simple words, parse error kindle fire appears when downloading of the file is incomplete.

The application that you are downloading might not be suitable for your hardware or OS version.

This android there was a problem parsing the package problem can appear when there are security issues in settings.

This problem can also appear when there is a corrupted file in the system.

What are the steps for fixing “there was a problem parsing the package android apk”?

There are some steps that are to be followed for fixing the parsing the package problem. Let’s give a quick look at these steps to know properly.

STEP 1: Check the manifested app APK file.

Manifested files mean that the file shouldn’t be customized according to the user requirements. If the file is customized than this can definitely result in parsing package install.

STEP 2: Security settings.

Sometimes, there is an inbuilt setting that does not allow downloading of apps. Therefore, this can further result in apk there was a problem parsing the package. But if you still want to install go and check your settings.

STEP 3: Enable USB debugging.

This can also be a problem that is why you should enable USB debugging. Some steps are here. Have a look:

  1. Find the “About device” option in settings.
  2. Then search for “Build Number” option and tap it 7 times.
  3. Choose developer options and click on USB debugging.

This will further help in fixing “there is a problem parsing the package Kodi”.

STEP 4: Corrupted APK file.

The problem parsing package apk problem can also appear due to this reason. In case, this happens to download a new file till complete. Therefore, this will help you out easily.

STEP 5: Disable antivirus.

Disabling of antivirus can help in fixing “there is a problem parsing the package kindle fire”. You should install some apps to disable antivirus from your phone.

Therefore, these above mentioned are the steps that will help in fixing “Kodi there was a problem parsing the package”. This is everything that you should know about fixing the parsing problem.

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