Some of the Top-Best Paid Android Apps of the Year 2019

Why do you we use apps?

Apps are just the way that helps you out in greasing the wheel of your laborious work. But around 45% of android apps are free, the rest of them are paid. If you are a person who loves to know about different kinds of apps then you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you about different best-paid android apps of the year 2019. To know properly about the new apps, have a look at the article.

Some of the best-paid apps androids are mentioned below. Have a look at these app prices and description. Let’s get started:


 This is a type of game that is usually based on strategy. This is an app that costs around $7 that is 479 in Indian rupees. This is a game in which the participant has to build a castle. Then the player has to arrange the castle by playing cards. This is an app in which 2 to 4 players can play together by multiplayer option. It offers a single player mode also. Therefore, this is one of the best-paid apps for android.


This is a best-paid android apps 2019 that is certified by AV-Test. Therefore, this app is referring to as the “Best Security App of 2019”. This app is having a claim that it is very much advanced in terms of cyber security.  If you are not sure about this app, you can take a 14 days trial. This will help you in assuring the efficiency of this app.

This is an app that costs $ 15 per year that means 1021 in Indian Rupees. You can also buy the monthly package of this app, it costs $ 1.49 only. Therefore, it is 100% detecting app with Malware protection. People can easily use this app for the safety of their phones.


This is an app that comes under top paid android apps. This is a gaming app with full confusion and amusement. The handwritten illustrations in this game are very good and this makes this app the best gaming app of 2019. The cost of this app is $ 5 that means 350 rupees in Indian currency. This is a game in which the game player has to decode the puzzle.

The difficult part of this game is that it does not provide any text material. But this app has the rating of the best-paid android apps 2019, you can take a trial of 3 days.


This is an android best-paid app that is boon for Marvel fans. The annual amount for this game is $69. This is an app that features clusters of 25,000 comics. If you are a member of Marvel unlimited, you can easily reach 75 years of Marvel’s greatest comic. This is the best because it easily scrutinizes up to 12 issues of internet connection.


There are so many different types of music players that are available on Play stores. Therefore, this is one of the best-paid android apps. It helps you in super effective file sharing. People can easily use this app to enjoy paid apps. It costs around $9.99 per month.

These above mentioned are the different types of paid android apps that can be used by people.

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