Putlockers Site: Top 7 Alternatives To Be Used in 2019

Putlockers site is a place where people can easily watch movies without any troubles or signing issues. But due to some issues, this site is not stable on the internet. This is a reason why most of the people are following for Putlockers new site.

Here in the article, we will tell you about the different types of Putlockers site alternatives. Therefore, these alternatives will help you out in doing the same thing.

Putlockers New Site:

Putlockers is a place or thing that can be considered as a new site. It is no our opinion, we are regularly checking that people cannot find any similar sites. So, we are providing the article that will help you in knowing about Putlockers new names 2019.


Putlockers.is is one of the best and free leading online tools. This is an alternative that is very much useful for people. The previous version of this alternative is much remarkable not only for movies. It is also remarkable for the Putlockers unblocked movies at school and informal.

5 alternatives that are free for Putlockers New Sites:

There are so many sites that have pop-up-ads, malware links, and other misleading things. Therefore, this ruins the overall experience of people who want to watch movies.

Now, you can easily enjoy these alternatives with full user experience.


Solar movies ws is a site that is considered as a part of the aggregation of sites like Putlockers. This is a site that displays excellent and advanced search options. You can easily watch any movie that is streaming on site similar to Putlockers new site. You can easily watch streaming movies without signing up.

The home page of this site is having recent movies and all the famous ones. This is a site that comes with rating options. You can easily find the movie with ratings and details. After, opening this site, you will directly find a page similar to the search engine page of Google.


This is a site or a movie streaming place where you can watch movies in your free time. This is one of the best sites that are similar to Putlockers app. People can easily execute this site.

If you are a movie lover then this is the perfect place, where you can watch movies and episodes. To access the films or movies, you have to reach the webpage. After that, you have to click on the image or thumbnail with your title. After that, a description of the movie will arise.


It is an added online movie streaming site which renders content with prime quality. Therefore, all the content is provided for free with no ads. In simple words, there are no advertisements on this site.

Therefore, this is the best site like Putlockers that can be used as an alternative.


This is one of the most auspicious flick suppliers and is totally similar to Putlockers. But this is a site that is having so many complications like Putlockers New Site 2019. You can use this site with a search option. Therefore, this is a free movie provider and is having movies with so many genres.


The movie is a site like Putlockers. This is a site that is having a straight forward interface. In simple words, it can be easily used for watching movies. Therefore, this is the favorite choice of people these days. People can easily watch free streaming movies.

This is not a big movie database but still, it is very much simple and easy to use.

This is all that you should know about Putlockers.

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