Pixel 2 XL: This is My Android, My Desktop and My Apps

One more year, I tell you what my Android, my desktop and my favorite apps is. In the last year, I have moved to a Google Pixel 2 XL, and I have it. One more year, I tell you what my Android device is, the applications I use in it, a tradition that I do every year, in which I show you what my mobile is, why I use this phone, as well as my essential applications and accessories In day to day.

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My Android: Google Pixel 2 XL

In summer I told you about my experience buying a cheap Google Pixel 2 XL on eBay. Although I was pleased using the OnePlus 5, a Pixel is essential to test the news of Android. I wanted to take with me a better camera than the one offered by the OnePlus mobile, so the decision did not cost me much.

Although it seems that I have taken a step back (the OP5 has the same processor and twice the RAM) I do not feel that the user experience has worsened. The system is fluid, I never think slowdowns, and I love the camera.

Even though the Google Pixel 3 XL has already come on the market and I have tested much higher terminals in recent months (such as the spectacular Galaxy Note 9) I consider that Google’s mobile is the one that best suits me. You have Android Pie, and you will receive the next two versions of Android (Q and R, presumably) on the same day of release. I intend to use this phone until it comes out a version of Android that this phone does not receive officially. Few Android phones are guaranteed to be up to date until mid-2021.

Initially, I customized it with vinyl by Dbrand and Rhinoshield bumper. I do not recommend this bumper, since removing it from the mobile is very complicated. In the first review, I had to remove the SIM I loaded the vinyl, returning to the natural state of the mobile (and returning the bumper to Amazon, to not be satisfied).

I recently bought a supply of Slickwraps one skin leather. It’s real leather, and although the corners at first seem to bother, they adapt over time. Now the mobile feels much more premium without increasing the thickness.

What I like most and least about the Pixel 2 XL

Everything works

I’ve tried much more powerful phones, the best of Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei, also mobile with twice the RAM. I do not feel that they are faster mobiles, I do not think that it is worth paying double for a speed increase that I do not get to notice in the day today. Similar to the experience that a user has on the iPhone, but better yet, because I prefer Android.

The camera is spectacular

The treatment of light and color that makes this camera I love. There are phones with a better camera, but not with a camera that you enjoy using more. With the arrival of night photography mode, I like it even more.

Touch vibration

It is the best touch vibration of Android. It is a pleasure to write on the keyboard, or receive feedback when displaying the notification curtain. When testing, you come to despise the Xiaomi or OnePlus mobile experience solely because of the bad tactile vibration they have.

Double stereo speaker

I prefer to have a dual front speaker to a mobile phone that fills me with compromises for having a little more screen.

Google Assistant is squeezing the edges

 Calling the assistant pinching the sides is a feature that I use every day.

There are features that I would like to have

The fast charging of the Pixel 2 XL does not seem very fast, nor does it have wireless charge. I would also like to have ultra slow motion recording or the fantastic SPen of the Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note 9 is the only mobile that in my tastes and preferences can surpass Google terminals, although Huawei is also doing a great job.

That the USB C does not have support for HDMI

It is no longer that it has a PC mode like the Samsung and Huawei, but the simple fact of not being able to connect the mobile to monitors or projectors bothers me. At home with Chromecast no problem, but take a Chromecast to any site.

The location of the buttons

 Even if you get used to it, between the pins and the pressure-sensitive edge, connecting the mobile to the car’s support is usually complicated.

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