How to Save Money on Apple’s Most Expensive Laptop

The MacBook Pro is Apple’s most expensive laptop. Compared to the MacBook and the MacBook Air, it offers more powerful specs and so it commands a much higher price. You get faster processors, larger storage space, and it offers features such as the Touch Bar.

Apple has designed the MacBook Pro for people who have more money to spend on laptops. The Pro is aimed at professionals and people who need a highly capable computer that they can take with them on the go and they don’t mind spending a lot of money on it if it helps them to get their work done. Since the world’s best supercomputers (read this) aren’t very portable, the MacBook Pro is a pretty good option.

While the MacBook Pro will likely always be more expensive than the MacBook and the MacBook Air, there are ways that you can save money on the computer. You can still get premium quality, but for some dollars less.

Buy Lower Specs

At the higher end of the scale, the Apple MacBook Pro offers specs such as 16GB of RAM, a 2.7GHz Intel quad core processor, and a 2TB hard drive. If you are a major multi tasker who always has intensive programs running (programs such as Photoshop, or video games), and you have many files you need quick access to, then these specs will come in handy.

However, the more powerful the MacBook Pro, the more expensive it will be. This article explains that looking at what specs you need is one of the most important things you should do when buying a laptop. You should have a look at how you use your laptop (or what tasks you may need it for) and then select the MacBook Pro that fits this best. This will help you to avoid paying more than you need to.

Buy Refurbished

One tech money saving tip that many people don’t know about is that they can buy refurbished. Refurbished laptops have been tested, repaired and they work as they’re supposed to but because they’re second hand, they are a lot more affordable. Many laptops – from Windows laptops to the Apple MacBook Pro – are available as refurbished.

There are dozens of retailers who sell refurbished MacBooks Pros. Offering the 13 inch model with a Retina display that released in 2018 to the MacBook Pro with a Glossy screen that was released in 2012. The length of the warranty may range from 30 days to a year and shipping costs will differ as well, so you’ll want to look at sites like RefurbMe before you buy. You can compare offers on the refurbished MacBook Pro to see all of the available deals. To make sure that you’re getting the best price.

Wait for a New One

Buying a refurbished MacBook Pro and getting a laptop with lower specs. Are highly recommended ways of saving money on your next Apple computer. However, one tried and tested way of saving money on technology is to just be patient. When a new laptop (like the MacBook Pro) is released. The older version will often become cheaper and that’s the same for laptops. That you buy brand new or buy refurbished.

There are rumors that Apple will release a new MacBook Pro in 2019. This will likely mean that the versions released in 2018 and before that will go down in price. The problem with this money saving strategy is that these rumors may not be correct. It’s difficult to know when Apple is going to announce and release the new laptop. So, if you’re looking to get a new laptop within the next month or so, just go ahead and buy.

The Apple MacBook Pro is by far the most laptop that the technology company makes. As it wants to charge the most for such a powerful, portable, and well designed device. That doesn’t mean that you have to pay full price for the laptop every time.  These money saving tips, you may be able to get some money off.

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