How to Remove Clampi Virus From Windows For Free!

The newest Trojan attacking the digital world is Clampi Virus, and it is main target the online banking. Clampi is a recent disguised virus designed to target the online banking systems.

 This virus is broadly targeting and spreading the infection on the sites which people log in frequently now like online blogs, online magazines and updates, search engines and mainstream online news websites, various gambling and pornography sites. This Trojan majorly attacks computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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Trojan. Clampi Virus has the main aim to collects private and sensitive information like IP address, passwords, download history, search history, browsing history, home address, phone number, and credit card details, to make financial gains and pass it to a third party who uses this data to try and infiltrate your digital wallets, bank accounts, and online accounts.

Modus Operandi of this Virus

The way this harmful Trojan Clampi works is to attack the victim’s online banking, credit card companies, data exchange over the e-mails, retail sites, utility trading, online casinos, and gaming, it can even work and infect the wire transfer services, shared brokerages, government sites and mortgage lenders.

Post the Trojan Clampi virus has sneaked into your computer, and it waits for the right moment to attack and spread itself into your computer. It suspiciously waits for the user to log on to a bank account, credit card or some other financial website. The moment the login information is entered, Clampi get hold of all this information and passes it to the cyber criminal’s computer.

History and Countries effects with Clampi Trojan?

Clampi Trojan has been making its presence felt in the digital world since 2008 with different names like the Ligats and Ilomo or Rscan.

Clampi is also not only attacking the United States. It also has been found attacking in Britain and other English-speaking countries.

How did Trojan. Clampi get on my Computer?

Like most of the Trojans, Trojan. Clampi is no different as it gains entry through source programs carrying a Trojan payload that you accidentally install.

Common sources of such programs are:

  1. Bundling- infiltrates in your PC bundled with third-party freeware application.
  2. Spam Email with malicious attachment.
  3. It infects your PC due to using infected external peripherals.
  4. Visiting doubtful or porn site can inject Trojan. Clampi Virus in your machine.
  5. By clicking malicious links in your computer.
  6. While sharing the infecting file from one PC to another via a p2p network.
  7. By using outdated and pirated software in your system.
  8. It may enter your system while watching online videos.

Symptoms of Trojan. Clampi Infection

The primary symptoms of Trojan. Clampi infections are:

  1. Abnormal network activities: Once this infection is in your computer, you will experience unusual network activities resulting in the slow network (Internet) speed because of the Trojan. Clampi tries to get access to your network to download malicious programs.
  2. Registry modifications. Trojan. The Clampi Trojan Virus attempts to add new registry entries and bring an amendment to the existing ones. This infection results wherein you will notice slow and unusual computer behavior.
  3. Change in browser settings: Trojan. Particularly which have the functionality of modifying your browser proxy-related settings. Due to this, your Internet access slows down. Unwanted websites keep getting loaded through pop-ups or directly in the active browser window.
  4. Slow Speed computer: Due to this Trojan hitting your computer. You while experience your computer booting up slowly. Due to unknown startup programs downloaded by Trojan. Clampi. You will also change on your computer performance degrading and working slowly due to these malicious downloaded programs.
  5. Injects several malicious codes in your system.
  6. Makes your PC very slow and unresponsive.
  7. Keeps redirecting users on various questionable sites.
  8. Steals the user’s sensitive information.
  9. Promotes different undesirable ads on your browser screen.
  10. Disables all security measures in the infected machine.
  11. Causes frequent system crash and hard drive failure issues.
  12.  Allows the hackers to access your computer remotely.

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