How to Recover Forgotten Apple Airport Express Password?

Amongst all the popular routers available in the market, Apple Airport Express device has its own happy customer line up. Even though many of its product line up has been discontinued, this device is still known for its superior performance and incredible features. Rarely people have reported for issues with the functioning of the device. Most of the time people have enquired that they have lost the password. To resolve the issue that the people may face, we have come up with a guide where the steps to recover forgotten Apple Airport Express password has been given. The guide primarily focuses on various ways to reset Airport Express password so as to optimize user experience.

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There are three ways to reset Apple Airport express router: soft, hard and factory default. Soft reset is used to reset base station password while hard reset is used when your device stops working. None of these reset methods erases saved profiles. However, giving a factory reset to your device can erase all its data and put it to its default value. So, depending upon your conditions, you can try any of these reset methods.

Soft reset to recover Apple Base Station Password

In order to perform the soft reset procedure, you need to launch the ‘Network System preference’ and select ‘Airport’ from the appeared menu in Apple Airport Express. Now, make a click on TCP/IP tab and choose DHCP from appeared menu. After all this, locate the reset button on the device and press it for around 2 seconds. A yellow LED will lit up and you will have 5 minutes to make changes. After 5 minutes, it will get back to its saved configuration. You can make the changes accordingly and enjoy a hassle-free experience. This method of resetting of a password doesn’t affect the previously saved profiles.

Hard Reset to fix Device Issues

To perform a hard reset, just press the reset button for 10 seconds and a green light will flash and the device will be automatically reset to its default value. After reset, you can easily configure it using Airport Admin utility. Here also the saved profiles remain intact.

Factory Reset for putting your device to its default value

Factory reset is completely different from all the above resetting methods. Here the user will lose all the saved data. It will return to the condition as it was when it was pulled out of a packed box. After factory resetting, you can proceed for Apple Airport Express Setup wherein you can customize its setting as per your own preference. Set up a password which is easy to remember but hard to guess for others.

In case, if you are novice in managing network settings then you can connect with the company’s service team where experts are available 24*7 to help you get a resolution to all your queries.

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