How Does QuickBooks Order Management Integration Help Wholesalers

For most medium-sized, as well as small-sized businesses focused on wholesale or bulk orders, choosing the best inventory management or order management software becomes an important aspect. Nowadays, most tools offer third-party integrations to boost orders and keep accounting in check.

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As you go through this article, you will about the features you need to look for when you decide to purchase an order management software to enable QuickBooks integration.

Smooth Integration

To keep your accounting up to date and well organized, it is best that you consider using QuickBooks with an order management software like Order Circle. With third-party integrations using such software, you will be able to keep most of your financial records accurate and up-to-date, which should save you tons of time and let you rest well knowing that most of your orders are up to date and inventory in check.

Continuous Synchronization

An important requirement of using an order management software with QuickBooks integration is that it should synchronize flawlessly with the accounting tool. The system should be able to manage everything in a separate database. It should synchronize with the item list in your QuickBooks, the inventory levels, pricing, customer transaction details, and customer list.

Customized Discounts and Prices

With the integration with your order management software, you will be able to offer your customers some special, customized prices. You will be able to setup some special discounts as well. With such automation, your independent sales reps and customers will not need to send emails or receive calls to inquire about specific pricing, everything will be right there.

Have Powerful Order Forms

Custom forms will let customers see all the products they order regularly, and this makes placing orders easier.

Better Inventory Information

For reps and customers placing orders, ensuring that the software synchronizes with QuickBooks inventory is a plus factor. If they place an order on out of stock items, you will be able to know the availability.

Automatic Invoices

Upon order approval, the order management software should create invoices automatically. With the integration, you will be able to receive real-time invoices with accurate values.

Integration Across all Stores

With third-party integrations, you will be able to communicate electronically with all your stores and warehouse (if own one). You can transmit orders to the other store locations or warehouse directly. Which should eliminate the risks of data entry and fees. You will be able to get shipment confirmation. Ttracking information as it proceeds, and the information will be available to your customers and sales reps as well.

Item and Customer Linking

With your customers and items in the inventory management software, you can link all the customers and items in the integration. You will be able to link each one of the items properly or you can use other generic lines for the sales of items.

Order History and Shipment Details

Being able to keep a check on the shipment history and all the past order gives sales reps a leg-up. As they meet customers, it is the best way to recommend new orders right on the spot. Sales reps and customers will be able to have the latest updates on all their shipments upon placing them. This helps to gives customers better control. The power to be able to plan well for the arrival of products. For limited cash flows, this is a bonus.

With the right wholesale selling QuickBooks order management solution. You will be able to manage inventory. Third-party integrations can help to boost the sales of your business and make workflow a seamless process. Just make sure you choose the right tool.

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