How Can You Fix The Problem of “Temporarily Unreachable” Error?

Here is the article that will help you in fixing the problem of “Temporarily Unreachable” Error in the Search Console. Let’s have a look at this article to know properly about fixing this problem.

First of all, we will discuss the meaning of this search console error. The meaning of this error is very much simple. The meaning of this error is that your Googlebot temporarily unreachable i.e., it is not able to crawl and render your webpage. This error comes due to the resources of the page and some hosting server blocking it.

Google search console Temporarily Unreachable is a very common problem faced by people and many webmasters. There is no need to worry you can easily solve this problem. Let’s give a quick look at this article to know more.

Temporarily Unreachable error occurs when you submit your page URL in Google fetch. When you put the URL in the temporarily unreachable Google fetch, the crawler and spider will not be able to find it.

The search console gives you to re-submit the URL immediately. In most of the cases, this issue is resolve to 1-3 tries. Before giving the solution to the above problem, we will first discuss the details of Google fetch temporarily unreachable. Let’s have a look.

According to Google, “the fetch as Google tool” enables you to test if Google can crawl the webpage. In simple words, this fetch helps you to test if Google crawls or renders URL on your site. This is a tool that helps in stimulating the crawl and renders execution as done in Google’s normal crawling. Therefore, this is very much useful for debugging the crawl issues on your site.

When will you get these error messages? Now we will discuss all the different types of error messages. Have a look, to know properly about this.

Fetch as Google Error messages: When you submit your website page URL in the Fetch Google, then there are chances to get one of the following error messages.

Not Found.

This is a message that appears on the screen when the URL you search for cannot be found. For this, you have to check whether the URL is correct or not.

Not authorized.

This is an error in Googlebot temporarily unreachable is not authorized to this submitted URL or page. This is an error which occurs when the page is protected by a password.

DNS not found.

This is an error when Google cannot retrieve the resource because of the domain name. For checking this, you have to make sure that the domain name is correct.


The submitted URL is blocked by the robots.txt file. If you want to fetch the URL, you have to access in the robots.txt file.


This unreachable error of google search console means that either it took so long time to reply or refused. This is a problem that happens when hosting server is down. For this problem contact the hosting provider.

Temporarily Unreachable.

There are two situations due to which this problem occurs. Let’s have a look at these two problems.

Fetch as Google temporarily unreachable cannot find your URL and server took so long to reply.

Fetch as Google canceled your fetch, because of so many requests. These are the two problems that cause this error.

How can you fix the error of temporarily unreachable fetch as Google error? Now, we will discuss the solutions to this error. Have a look to know properly about the solutions.

Make server up and running.

When the server is down or not working properly, then only this situation occurs. This problem can also occur when your server is very much slow.

To fix this problem out, you have to wait for 30 minutes. After, that you have to submit the URL again and if still not working contact your host services. Then make sure that the server is up and running properly.

Don’t submit too frequently.

This is an issue that occurs when you enter so many URL’s simultaneously one after the other. To fix this problem out, it is advisable to you that you have to submit the URL after 15 minutes.

Enter correct page URL.

It is very commonly seen that there are so many people who enter the wrong URL in fetch tool. Therefore, this is an issue that can create a problem of temporarily unreachable error.

Therefore, to fix this problem out you have to check whether the URL you enter is correct or not.

Test Rebots.txt file.

If you are getting these type of issues, then it may be possible that the URL is blocked by the rebots.txt file. If the page is blocked, you have to unblock it.

Temporarily Unreachable is a very serious issue. But there is no need for panic, you just have to keep calm and solve this issue easily. You can easily solve this problem by following the above-mentioned solution.

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