Biggest Mobile Gaming Trends For 2019

According to a survey on mobile gaming, it is said that more than 2 billion people will be mobile gamers by the year 2021. This shows a massive increase when compared to the numbers in 2014, which was 1 billion people.

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As such, the industry is worth billions up billions of money, making it highly addicatable for those that make an effort to appeal. But it’s not just that, as more game developers are expecting that in order to reach a large target audience, they might need to get their software downloaded on their devices.

It’s the right time to go over some of the most important ongoing trends and some predictions on how they will begin to impact the gaming industry in 2019 and beyond – for better or worse.

Game streaming and advertising – A revolution

Google revealed “Project stream” recently and soon after it started testing its potential with Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey”. What makes this compound so intriguing is the fact that it might try to permit streaming graphically – demanding PC games.

While this is not the first attempt. Google also possesses the resources and the needed partners to make the concept work and bring it to the market as soon as possible. Also, it is predicted that the company might make “project stream” available at least ten countries with high-speed internet capability by pairing it with various AAA titles.

Non – gaming celebrity influencers and its rise

The second prediction is regarding the new direction in influencer marketing: hiring a large number of well- known people from another entertainment field as ambassadors for gaming brands.

This practice is here for a while, but with recent, highly – successful campaigns to include top actors like Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool fame) and pubg for pc, it is said that Hollywood and the mainstream are accepting gaming as a widespread entertainment medium more and more.

Phones are highly preferred for gaming

With developer making more and more interesting games, it makes sense that phone makers are trying their effort to develop more gaming-focused hardware too. The recently launched handsets iPhone XS and XS Max show how the supreme audio quality of the phones are designed to make gamers feel a lot more plunged into the world of gaming.

Also, Samsung’s latest model Galaxy S9 offers four GB of RAM which also shows that more powerful games will never lag. It also enables players to use multiple apps with limited lag – so that, if you want to check out other windows to read the guidelines of a particular game that has puzzled you, the phone is unlikely to crash.

New app stores

We know that publishers have to pay 30% commission fee by both Google and Apple on their stores, which isn’t happy news though. This resulted in a big upset when epic games maker of Fortnite, removed their game off from Google play and launched their own store for the user to download the famous game phones on their mobile. This store will charge only 12% commission fee and is said to bring more options to the mobile storage space.

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