Artificial Intelligence in Home Automation Areas: Security

In this paragraph, let us focus on security. Imagine the time, when you used your facial image to log into your Facebook account. In the first image uploaded on facebook, you had a beard and shaved head. Now you have a head full of hair and even sport a mustache. But still, you gain access. The reason, the Facebook system uses AI algorithms to identify your facial features and then give access.

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Now compare the same aspect with home security concerning home automation. Yo can have installed a smart lock in your home in combination with a CCTV. Now, the AI system builds information on its own and can identify family members. So, the door gets opened for a family member, whereas the door with a smart lock can give an alert regarding a new person to your mobile. This particular feature helps to reduce false alarms.

Wrapping Up This Article of Artificial Intelligence In Home Automation

So, what can you count as one of the best revolutions of the last century? It is a breakthrough in the mobile technology field. Imagine the time when messages were sent through pigeons and other ways. Now, you just have to tap on the mobile and speak to the concerned person. In fact, the mobile and internet have made the entire globe as one human race. And with mobiles, shopping and ordering of food have become easier. You can complete all the jobs with a smartphone.

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Now the technology has moved one step further. It has moved to home automation. In fact, home automation is changing the very way you live. In fact, the basic concept of smart home or home automation is to provide your family members with saving energy, effort and offer relief from daily manual tasks.

The home automation concept was available to only a few. But with economic liberalization and other companies entering the Indian market, even a middle-class person can possess a smart home or one with home automation. In fact, now builders are building home automation apartments. All the appliances in a home can be controlled via text and voice via the Virtual assistants.

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Home automation devices like motion sensors and remote appliance control units have witnessed improved demand in the last few years, as these devices can easily integrate with the existing layout, are moderately priced and offer control facility through apps, which are globally accessible. These devices also easily integrate with voice-based artificial intelligence (AI) devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, to further improve access control.

These devices are capable of being configured as per our requirements and today, we can practically talk to our home and control each and every appliance and device, through voice-based technology. In the future, your children will not have to do manual tasks such as washing the clothes or to trim plants in the garden. They may have more interest and invent new types of equipment to save the environment. So let us wait and hope for the best.

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