Apps For Activating The Brain

If asked a question in the quiz, which is the most important part of the body, then you will say it is the brain. Yes, it is one part which always works more than 12 hours a day, even if you are a student or working professional. If the brain lags behind, and you do some stupid activity, then it is time for a series of laughs from friends and relatives on your behalf. So, it is important to keep the brain always active. In this article, we focus on apps for activating the brain.

How To Get The Brain Activated In The Right Direction

No medicine nor app can make you a creative or intelligent person. But yes, if you have been doing the same jobs again and again, and your brain has gone defunct, then the app can give the simple nudge needed. Then, your brain can get activated. So let us look at the apps which can give the brain a little push. What do you say? Agreed? Then please find the list of five apps.


You can use this app on various platforms such as an iPad, Android, iPhone or even on Apple Watch. Are you brainstorming on a problem? Then write different words (on pieces of paper), pull them in a random manner and see if the answer sparkles in your brain. In the Brainsparker app, you get 200 cards that consist of phrases and words. You have to shake the device for shuffling the pack to produce a very new card. But yes, the exercise is extreme. This is one among the many apps for activating the brain.


You can play with this app on Mac, Android, Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Sorry, we forgot to include Windows.

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Do you want to know the reason, why many never attain their goals? It is because they cannot organize their ideas or dreams in a proper manner. So, if you have dozens of ideas that do not connect with each other, then do mind mapping. It is a technique that can make you realize the goal.

Mind mapping is a diagram which links different ideas and they are represented by words or images. Usually, it is a central idea with the main goal in the middle. Other ideas branch out from the middle goal. You can modify the brain mapping chart as per your requirement. Considered by many as one of the multi-purpose apps for activating the brain.

When it comes to the SimpleMind app, you can easily swap the app from one device to another. There are other features such as adding voice memos on Android, iPad, and iPhone. You can also add video on iPad and iPhone. The name may be SimpleMind, but it is one among the many apps for activating the brain.

TED Talks

You can open this app on iPhone, iPad, and Android. TED, the entire form is Technology, Entertainment, and Design. This app contains videos of some most thought-provoking leaders of the globe. You can get motivated by just viewing the video.

The app contains many videos which you can download to the device. It even has the ‘Inspire me’ function. Inspiration is of many types, and by searching with the right keyword, you can get the video required to activate your brain. Ted Talks can be described as one of the many apps for activating the brain in a very positive way. TED Talks come across as one among the many apps for activating the brain.


You can open this app on the following platforms – iPhone, iPad as well as Android.

There are some who drink coffee when caught in a Catch 22 situation. The coffee activates their brain and they can see new solutions. The app, it seems, vibrates some sounds which resemble a cafe. And as per research scientists, the sounds can make the brain look more creative.

Well, isn’t it surprising, that many designers do some of their best work in shops? So, use this free app to get the best work done. Definitely, Coffitivity is described as one of the best apps for activating the brain.


The name, does it seem unfamiliar? Well, maybe, the app can give solutions to the problems. The answer may come unstuck from the obstacles. And it works on iPad, iPhone, and Android.

For a creative person, the biggest enemy is the blockages. In this app, you have to answer provocative questions and make use of action-oriented tools.

The biggest enemy of creativity is a creative block. But that feeling of being stuck and not knowing how to proceed isn’t just limited to design challenges: it’s something that everyone experiences in different ways.


Yes, you can find many apps for activating the brain in the play store, but we have touched only the five. We hope that by installing the five apps on your mobile, you can infuse creativity in your work. And, it is necessary these days to keep the brain activated at all times. Who knows when the right opportunity to realize the dream will come? For example, your mobile needs maintenance service.

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