Android Spy App to Monitor Cell Phone Activities

The spy applications have been playing significant role in remote monitoring of cell phone devices possessed and used by someone else. Parents and employers take advantage of spy apps to keep their children and workers under surveillance.

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The widespread adoption of cell phones and the internet has made it crucial to monitor digital behavior of children and workers to prevent them from wrongdoings.

The monitoring of cell phone devices enables parents to protect children from these dangers. The employers can avert data breaches and productivity issues with the appropriate use of cell phone spy app. In this article, we have discussed how you can use spy app for Android to remotely and secretly monitor cell phone activities of children and workers.

Android Spy App

There are several spy apps rightly available in the online market. After reviewing the most popular Android tracking apps, we have found a few most effective Android spy apps such asTheOneSpy.It is a cross platform app which allows monitoring mobile phones and tablets running different versions of Android OS.

You can monitor and control those devices via online portal of spyware app. You can send commands to the targeted device to perform certain actions and get access to data fetched from the monitored phone. Read on to know what features the Android spy app offers to let you monitor cell phone activities.

Track Social Media Apps

The Android spy app of TheOneSpy enables the end-user to spy on social media and instant messaging apps. You can spy on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Viber, Vine, IMO, Zalo, WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, Tumblr, Telegram, Yahoo messenger and many other social messengers. The cell phone tracking app accesses chats, call logs, media files andrecords all activities performed on these social media apps. The end-user can get access to this data via online portal of spyware.

Spy on Messages and Calls

The cell phone monitoring app creates online backup of messages received and sent via monitored phone. It syncs all incoming and outgoing text and multimedia messages and uploads these messages to the online control panel along with SMS logs.

The cell phone spy app records all inward and outward phone callsand uploads the recorded calls to the online control panel.

Track GPS Location

Parents can know the whereabouts of their children by tracking GPS location. The spy app keeps parents updated about current GPS location and location history of their children. The employers can keep track of their traveling workers to prevent them from unproductive tasks.

Track Media Files

The photos, videos and all media stored on the monitored cell phone can be accesses via online control panel. It includes media captured direct from the phone or received from any other source.

Track Internet History

The internet activities of children and workers can be monitored and managed. The help of Android spy app.It syncs the internet browsing history of Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It tracks bookmarks and favorite pages.

Screen Recording

The cell phone tracking app lets you witness every single activity performed on the monitored device. It starts recording whatever appears on the screen of the targeted device as it receives commands for screen recording.

Surround Monitoring

The Android surveillance software of TheOneSpy lets you monitor real-life activities of your children and workers. You can know what they are doing. Seeing or speaking remaining anywhere in the world. The spy app lets you turn on microphone and cameras of the targeted cell phone to listen and see the surrounding sounds and scenes.

The Android spy app of TheOneSpy empowers the end-user in many other ways. You can know more about the spy app Click TheOneSpy Review

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