YouTube is no doubt the most popular entertainment platform in the world. Millions of individuals are glued to this platform. Like every good thing, this also has its pros and cons, one of the major issues of which is that, YouTube doesn’t allow its users to run the app in the background. You have to be on the platform to watch any of its videos or stream music. Once you get out of the app the video automatically pauses.

This is a major blow to the multitasking atmosphere of the user, as nothing can be done while watching YouTube. Moreover, if you press the lock screen button the video gets paused immediately.

However, YouTube offers a paid Premium service, which allows users to run it in the background. But is service is not available in India yet?

To solve this problem, the following tricks are discussed below, which will help mobile phone users to stream YouTube in the background.

Tips for Playing YouTube at background by using Firefox

For the users who want to stream YouTube in order to listen to music, podcasts or audio-centric videos with the help of Mozilla Firefox just follow these simple hacks.

  1. Install the Mozilla Firefox browser from Google Play Store or if you have reinstalled Google Chrome that’ll work too.
  2. Go to the website from your browser not from the app.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the YouTube site. Thereafter, choose the desired video you want to play in the background.
  4. As the video starts to play you should press the back button of your Smartphone or you can simply switch off the screen of the phone and this procedure will allow the YouTube to uninterruptedly play your selected video or audio.  This trick is only applicable for Android users.

Tips for Playing YouTube at background by using chrome or other browsers

YouTube music and the YouTube premium is not available in India, therefore, you have to download the free proxy app. Wind scribe and Tunnel Bear will be perfect for the purpose.

  1. In the next step open the proxy applications which have their server in the USA. Are supposed to open the browser and type on it.
  2. You are required to click the three dots on the top right corner and there you should select the request desktop site.  You will be able to play music on YouTube after the selection.
  3. Now you leave application and the music will discontinue playing.  You will find notifications on your Smartphone which will tell you to play the song.
  4. Now click on the notification and you will be successful to play your selected music on the background.

Cons of YouTube Video Playing in Background

At first, this hack might seem elegant as it allows Smartphone users to listen to music on YouTube while it runs in the background. But its major drawback is that it completely drains the battery of your phone.

You have to plug your device to the charger every 1 to 2 hours, and if you do this on a regular basis, this might damage your phone’s battery.

Final Words

These tricks come in handy for Smartphone users as it offers a multitasking environment with YouTube background playing for the users. Also at the same time. One should keep the battery drainage problem in mind while streaming music, with YouTube running in the background.

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