Advantages of Clipping Mask and How to Use it

Sometimes, you need a layer on an image over another to get a good shape for another. You would agree that Photoshop image masking services are undervalued than what it deserves. The clipping mask tool can help you design everything faster, once you know how to use in your favor.

So, let’s gather some more knowledge of clipping mask to allure all its benefits.

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Understanding Clipping Mask

Before getting further, let’s understand what is clipping mask. Adobe explains it as, “A clipping mask is an object whose shape masks other artwork so that only areas that lie within the shape are visible.”

So if you want to reveal only certain sections of your artwork, or elaborate specific shapes than you can design outstanding work with the help of clipping mask. You might have noticed that a vector shape can act as a clipping mask, but one can’t mask vector by using images in jpeg, png, etc. Most clipping mask companies in India strive to get outstanding results for their respective clients.

Some designers aren’t able to enjoy the benefits of clipping mask just because they don’t have enough knowledge of illustration. This tool gives you access to layer images over one another to get an overwhelming image.

Simply use this tool, clipping mask on a large piece of transparent paper that works over another piece of white or colored paper. When overlaying the white, you would see that the transparent paper magically overlaps everything that goes beyond the boundaries of the paper, giving a great look.

Advantages of Using Clipping Mask

There are several benefits of using a clipping mask for image editing services.

Assists in Recomposing the Layers

In clipping mask, you recompose the layer within the mask that has all the data even outside the visible area as defined. Therefore, you can easily select the layer you want to recompose with the help of the Move tool, you simply have to drag the image around until you get it right. However, Photoshop image masking service is considered desirable for recomposing the layers.

It saves massive time than any other editing tool. In fact, professionals are ready to use it for projects as it gives the opportunity to experiment with the design.

Reshapes the Base Layer

With the clipping mask, you can reshape the base layer and easily get the changes done that will be visible on the clipping mask. For example, pick the shape editing tools in order to edit the layer while forming the mask. Thus, you get instant results.

Offers Editing while Masking

It’s true that clipping mask is best when it comes to editing, modifying and removing or adding elements to the mask. This feature is extremely beneficial for the designers, as they get the opportunity to play with shapes. The clipping mask is certainly better than other tools like Pathfinder. With required clipping mask services India, you are able to precisely work on your design like never before.

How to Use Clipping Mask?

Usually, any type of layer is good for clipping mask including vector layer, type layer or bitmap layers.

For the Type layer:

The type layer will work as the base layer. The good thing is that the Type layer gives the option to edit the mask, even when developing the mask. Thus, you get the option to re-edit different styles while doing the process.

Similar benefits are enjoyed by the vector and bitmap layers.

Blending and Opacity Modes

The good news is that in clipping mask allows you to change the opacity layers. In clipping mask, layers not just take the settings base shape but also the settings of opacity. The same thing applies to the blending mode. You can adjust the opacity and blending modes of the images, which is the best way to make detailed, lush images. Pick clipping mask companies India for professional assistance so that you understand how wonderfully this tool can reward you.

Clipping mask has always got less value than it deserves, maybe because people are unaware of the amazing benefits that come along with it. One of the best things you get from this tool is that you’re able to make the necessary changes even in the middle of the process. Therefore, you can get the benefit of using clipping mask in several areas of designing.

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