A New Android Version That Is Widely Used By People

What is Android Nougat?

Android 7.0 Nougat, is a new version of Android phones. Nougat is a notable version that is introduced to the phone. This version has an advanced feature to display so many apps on the screen at one time and thus is referred to as a split-screen view.

There was a positive interface in this android version. It can open two to three apps together that means it gives multi-tasking window. Therefore, this is the positive change seen in this new Android version (Android Nougat).

What are the features of this new android version? The android nougat features are mentioned below with a short note on them:

  1. Quick Switch: This is an android version that allows the users to switch back to the fourth between the two most recent apps. It can be easily done by just clicking the recent apps button. This is a feature that works in spilt-screen as well as in full app mode. This is the best feature that is offered by this Android Nougat version.
  2. Split-screen mode: This split-screen mode is not seen in all the versions. It is basically seen in the OEM versions. Split-screen works as portrait or landscape modes. This is the best feature of Nougat version. This feature allows the users to browse two to three apps together by just long pressing the recent apps button.

If the user wants to exit from split screen mode, he/she can just pull down the barrier on the sides or by long pressing the recent apps button. This is how people can easily close the split-screen mode.

Secret ‘UI turner’

This is the other feature that is given by this new android version. If a person wants to enable this hidden UI turner, they just have to swipe down the taskbar or notification shade. After that, they will find a new menu in the settings under system action. Here people will find some cool options that are the status bar, the “Do not disturb” feature, or even add swipe-up, split-screen functionality.

These above-mentioned are some of the features of this new Android Version (Android Nougat).

There is an android nougat game hidden in this new android version. How to open this hidden game in Android Nougat? The steps to open the hidden android game are mentioned below as follows:

  1. Unlock the Easter egg: To start finding the hidden game, head into the settings and open about the phone. There tap the android version and then enter about five times. Do this eventually and rapidly you will see an N logo there.
  2. Then add the quick settings tile, now you have unlocked the Easter egg there is a little more to do.
  3. After that pick a treat to lure a feline friend: Then expand your quick settings menu and then empty the dish icon. From here, you will lure and cat and will see some options Bits, Fish, Chicken, or Treat.
  4. Now, you are almost down. You have to catch the cat and share it. This is how the cat hidden game is unlocked in the Android 7.0 updated

This is all about the updated new version Android Nougat.

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