A Guide For Free Download of Urdu In page All Versions

There are so many Urdu typing software such as Pak Urdu Installer, Urdu Inpage, etc. You can download them according to your choice. If you are looking for Urdu inpage download free, then you are at the right place. Here is an article in which we will explain to you about different free download inpage versions. Have a look at the article to know in details.


Urdu Inpage 2008 is one of the best and old versions of Inpage. This is a version having lots of old features that are not there in the new ones. This is a version that is only compatible with those people who are using Inpage from so many years.

You can have 2008 inpage Urdu download for free also.


2009 version of Urdu inpage is one of the famous versions and is widely used by people across the country. This version of Urdu inpage is one of the basic need of people in society. The Urdu typing attracts people because it has junk of readers and is easily understandable also.

It is very much difficult for people who do not understand any other language. These Urdu Inpage 2009 help people to understand everything easily. Therefore, you can easily do Inpage free download for this version.


If you are a person who doesn’t want to use the 2009 version of Urdu Inpage, then there is no need to worry. We also have Urdu Inpage 2010 version. Therefore, this is one of the famous versions of Inpage users. There are so many people who love to use this version. You can easily do Inpage download of this version on your PC for free.


You can use Urdu Inpage 2012 version also, but this version of Urdu Inpage is not too good as others. But if you still recommend this version for typing Urdu. Then you can easily do inpage Urdu free download.

But we personally will recommend you not to use this version. Because it is having so many bugs and can harm your PC as well. Therefore, Inpage free download 2019 version will be the best version.


If you are looking for 2014 Urdu Inpage. Then you should know that this version works on PC having XP, 7, 8, 10 only. You can easily have Urdu inpage free download on these Operating systems.


Here is one of the best version of Urdu Inpage download that people love to have. The fact behind the usage of this inpage is that it is the latest version of Urdu Inpage.

Sometimes, it becomes very much difficult for people who don’t know languages other than Urdu. But Information Technology is one of the best things that provide you with every solution. Therefore, Urdu Inpage 2016 version is one of the best solutions for people who know Urdu language only. This version of Urdu Inpage helps type Urdu alphabets. There is a special traditional keyboard on mobiles and laptops.

People who know English only can also type in Urdu with the help of Urdu Inpage 2016.

These are the six different versions of Urdu Inpage. Inpage 2019 is also available and can be downloaded easily. Therefore, inpage 2019 is featured with so many new features.

You can also have Urdu inpage free download 2019 version.


So, we have provided you with all the possible free download inpage versions. Stay updated with our page to read more exciting articles like this.

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