9 Tips To Boost Your SEO Rankings Immediately!

Increase the loading speed of your page

If you do not wish to lose your customers quickly and drop your search engine ranking, then you need to work upon your page load speed. Not many are aware of it,but it plays a significant role in affecting search engine ranking. There are a variety of waysin which you can increase the page load speed,and one of them is by keeping your code clean and streamlined, minimizing the number of page directs, using caching plugins, choosing smaller image sizes and by keeping the code streamlined and clean.

Optimize the images on your page

When uploading images on your website, you must make sure to check the image size twice. The images need to be optimized for SEO by choosing the right file name, description, caption, alt text,and title.

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Separate your paragraphs or the content with the help of header tags

It can become daunting for your readers if they get to see an entire web page filled with text. It looks like a mess,and the bounce rate of the readers would increase because of the unattractive look of the text and the page. You must break up your content into shorter paragraphs and include headings and subheadings if you want to retain your readers.

Make sure that you include some outbound links

Outbound links are just an addition to your content. If your readers wish to know about anything in specific, then the links would take them to another page that has some added information. It helps to make your website content more informative and valuable to your readers.

Look for the broken links, if any and if there are then repair them

With various SEO tools that are available online, you can check the number of broken links that are on your website.

Use varied multimedia to make your content attractive

It is human nature to get attracted towards pictures, someone rightly said, “A picture says a thousand words.” And, nowadays you can add various other kind of thingsto make the content all the way more attractive. You can add videos, audio, JIF,etc. to add more value foryour readers.

Make sure that your content isn’t complicated to understand

Make your content is easy to digest for your readers. If you want your website readers to stay on your website for a longerperiod. You must check for the readability of your website with the help of any online SEO tool.

Make required adjustments to your layout

To give a good experience to the readers of your website content, you must make the content easy to scan. There should be headings and highlighted in bold so that they stand out and when a reader comes to a page, he/she doesn’t find it difficult to look for the main points. Other things that you can do are; play with the font sizes, use short paragraphs in your content. Do not forget to number, bullet the points and use sub-headings as they give your content an elegant and clean look.

Your website must always have a contact page and if you have then alwayskeep it updated and maintained

A well-maintained contact page makes your website look reputable. Imagine someone coming to your site and searching for your contact number or email or maybe post box no. There isn’t any then it would leave a wrong impression on the reader. They would not consider you a reliable source. Not only this but a well-maintained contact page also boosts the user experience and improve your website’s ranking.

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