5 Ways How AI & ML Has Prolifically Transformed The Mobile Technology

Steve Jobs, who is still the world’s greatest corporate storyteller, has once very charmingly informed the audience (in one of the presentations) that Apple will reinvent the phone. Well, it was true. The device has come a long way and is still on the same pursuit.

Not only for IOS but all other operating systems, this device/ smartphone has now come a long way. Mobile is now capable of performing any action with its loads of applications which has make the life much easier.

 Now the hot topic for discussion is the introduction of AI technology to smartphones.

Why not so? All the apps which are engaging clients more than ever, all run on AI.

The mobile app development companies have started implementing Artificial Intelligence seriously with a view to increasing their client base. The ultra-modern mobile apps are the demand from clients as they want upgraded smartphones.

So, interactive devices which run on the amalgamation of AI and smart operations has transformed the mobile technology.

The times have changed considerably and there the age of generic services exist no more.

Mobile app developers combine machine learning and artificial intelligence in mobile apps which have revolutionized the user experience and altered the preferences as well. It helps them to make decisions fast and more accurate.

The IA and ML has actually transformed the mobile experience and to prove it, we share data for the same.

Check the accumulated stats below

  • More than 70% of the businesses have experienced an increase in sales targets via Machine Learning.
  • In the US alone, more than 40% of the companies have adopted MI to improve the marketing performance and enhance the sales results.
  • European banks have witnessed their product sales by 10% through mobile apps which run on AI and ML.

These results are generated with the revolution and transition of both, AI and ML.

To figure out the important changes which have taken the mobile app industry to a storm, we here like to discuss some of the important transformations.

1. User Behavior Is Predicted

Applications that are built on machine learning are blessing to marketers. They comprehend the trends and movements by checking different data they accumulate. The searches and behavior of the users are their important data and statistics based on which they examine it on different scales.

A lot of useful data is segregated in terms of location, search requests, age, gender, app usage time, and other factors.

It also helps the users to figure out how much the users are interested and hooked to the app itself.

So, to get all the relevant information, AI and ML both provide accurate and reliable data to the marketers.

2. User Engagement Is Much Deep and Relevant

A solid customer base is a crux for any successful business. applications are built to provide users the best of hands-on experience. The more the client is hooked and finds the app useful, the more it remains connected and loyal to the business.

Both AI and ML help to increase user engagement.

How? Well, the app development company understands the client’s choices and preferences which help them to modify and built the app further. They can comprehend and create tailor-made apps for the users and so increase their popularity and acceptance.

3. Face Lock Feature

This was a landmark feature which was initially introduced by Apple but immediately adopted in some time by others as well. Now the market is flooded with such options which increases the security of the device.

This enhance feature also increases the level of dependency as the user find to store and keep their important data stored in their own device.

4. Language Translation

Most of us know about google translation and many other apps are also available to translate the words in their preferred language. Not only does it recognize, it also translates them into the desired language making it simpler and easier for the users.

More enhanced apps do not even require an internet connection for the job which helps the user to have access to the feature anywhere and everywhere.

5. Object Detection Functionality of Smartphones

This is probably the recent upcoming feature which is developed by almost smartphone companies and mobile app developers. The cameras of the smartphones are now capable to detect objects in the camera frame and characterize it to the users.

They not only identify the user portrait but with a little work on the settings can receive the exact image.

The smartphones are now able to categorize the facial appearances but also provide the exact image as per the user command.

Final Result

This is the age of development and more is yet to come. We need to wait for the unexpected and surprising app development features which will have an impact on our lives.

This will allow people to experience a completely new world with their smartphones. Which will remain in pursuit to upgrade continually. This will be a never-ending process which the app development company understand as technology is now limitless.

Tech-savvy people always welcome the changes and adopt them. They are mostly user-friendly and with a little hand on experience, even a novice can handle it smartly.

But the improvised versions of the mobile applications and devices have taken the telecommunication industries to witness a drastic transformation. If these industries fail to acknowledge them and adapt them, they will surely be wiped off completely.

Users always look for apps that make their life easy and save time. With AI and ML both these conditions are fulfilled. So there is a huge run to adapt them and to create the best applications for the mobile users.

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